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:DTA Entry: It's Quiet on Earth by kuku88 :DTA Entry: It's Quiet on Earth by kuku88
DTA entry for :iconicebergcabbage:
I really had to play around with the colours on this one on the computer since my phone's photo made it look much duller than it actually was, and I had issues with scanning it (size, flatness, etc (since watercolour makes the paper wavy and when the paper is lifted from the scanner and not flat it gets kinda blurry)) - oh and I had a goshdarn nosebleed while attempting to scan/take the perfect pic of this. ;w;
The colours are much more light, pastel-y, accurate, and less dull in real life, so if I ever get the proper chance to, I might try to scan a really good version of it otl.
I changed my mind and scanned it, even though it is super late here and I have somewhere really important to be in the morning asjakfl, but it is actually still a little brighter and lighter in real life. x'D

I'll add more info in a little bit!

So since Petalite gems are literally named...well, y'know, petalite, I figured it'd be fun if not a little on-the-nose to give this little guy plant-based powers!
He can make flowers and other plants appear, whether for show or for attack/defense. 

Petal, P, Flower

Gender Pronouns: 
They/Them/Their or He/Him/His


Gem Type: 

Gem Location: 
left side of head
Weapon & Abilities: 
- plant manipulation

Favorite Quote:

Fun Fact: 
Is super dreamy and often pretty out of it, and is slow/sloth-like, but probably knows more/isn't as relaxed as he appears.

Serene, quiet, and gentle, Petalite hardly reacts to anything. You can usually find him sitting down somewhere daydreaming and just enjoying nature. He is all about quiet relaxation and will hardly ever speak, and it's hard to tell what he's feeling. He's stronger and smarter than he may appear, and for many who come across him now, his past is a mystery - but for those who were a part of it...


Petalite was created on Earth in a Kindergarten, but he was later taken to Homeworld and made a part of the Gem Labs, where scientific Gems work for the Diamonds with similar rules to medicine cats in Warriors (eg you don't have to show as much loyalty to the Diamonds and can interact more freely with other Gems from other courts and exchange info a bit more freely. Even wearing the diamond insignia isn't completely necessary - it's still technically required, but most Gems treat it like an option!).

He was an experiment there, originally working as a Gem underneath Pink Diamond that was taken in to be studied because of his control over plants, something that Earth was full of. To better understand the usage and different scientific aspects of plants, Petalite was experimented on and studied how they worked. There he met
Eye Agate, someone also going through plant-related experiments. The two became friends, but while Eye Agate remained obedient to his mentor and experimenter, Blue Tourmaline (something that as you may know from this comic, did not work out too well for poor Eye Agate), Petalite was planning his escape. 

When he was sent to Earth during the war to help with the cause and transform it to Pink Diamond's liking, the battle raged on around him as he kind of just...settled. Through the chaos, no one really noticed that a small, singular Petalite had disappeared. And thus, he chose to stay on Earth, just sort of living life. 

The war was still raging on, however, and he eventually got poofed in a crossfire and he remained dormant for a very, very long time. He was later discovered by the Starry Eyed Gems (honourary Crystal Gems), and he later regenerated while they were discussing what to do with him. To their surprise, he was not at all hostile or interested in fighting, so they lowered their defenses and asked him to explain himself. After he told them his story, they explained to him that a very long time had passed since the Gem Wars, and that the Diamonds were coming for Earth. 

He does later also prove himself, showing a surprising and unexpected burst of energy, strength, and emotion when he manages to protect Sapphire of the Starry-Eyed Gems from a corrupted Gem (which Lapis and Turquoise Pearl are super grateful for), and they thank him and finally conclude that he really is on their side - or at least neutral and compassionate enough not to be an enemy.

And so, through this first encounter, he eventually becomes a close friend of theirs while he lounges around, doing his own thing, living his own life - and he's just enjoying his time on Earth. 

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tehwatcher Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017
1st amazing

2nd beautiful back ground so mysterious
codyhobgood27 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017
Flipping beautiful^^!
IcebergCabbage Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG what a good last minute entry!! I love the watercolors <33 thank you for entering!
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