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Sapphire Adopts: $5/500 Points Each! [OPEN] by kuku88 Sapphire Adopts: $5/500 Points Each! [OPEN] by kuku88
I've had these little guys sketched out for awhile, but it took quite some time before I could bring myself to finish colouring all of them. x'D
I'm pretty happy with the way most of them turned out though! I'm sorry about the price raise, but I worked really hard on these four!

PRICES: 500 Points or $5.00 CAD!

80-100 Points = $1!
If paying by PayPal and I have confirmed your order, pay through the "friends & family" section please!

Sapphires from Top to Bottom; (Your) Left to (Your) Right:
1. Rose Pink Sapphire
2. Cactus Thorn Sapphire
3. Golden Petal Sapphire
4. Deep Briar Sapphire

If you want their images separately without the watermark, I'll send it to you after you've paid! Heart
I personally love these dorks, so I hope you all love them too!!
Thanks for considering, everyone! After a recent fiasco caused me to lose a lot of my points, I'm hoping to earn them back. I appreciate the help!

RULES: ('Cause everything needs 'em! Oh Noes!)
1. Please do not claim the designs as yours. That's mean! :( (Sad)
2. Please credit me when you draw them! And please show me any artwork or stories you do of them! I'd love to see them! :D (Big Grin)
3. Reselling is fine if you can no longer use them/are short on cash, but please resell them for a lower price than orginally bought. Regifting is perfectly fine!
4. Redesigning is fine, but please don't make the design unrecognizable! Because why would you buy them then? :P (Lick)
5. This is optional, but customers can have first pick on any future adoptables of their choice. La la la la
6. This is optional, but in some adoptables sales you can win other characters for free! Aww
tehwatcher Featured By Owner May 16, 2017
1st awesome

2nd amaizng idea designsX3
Commander-Katelyn Featured By Owner May 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaa these babs are so adorable I lov them all!!
now bear with me for a sec because I'm broke af (and even if I wasn't my paypal has been giving me trouble for weeks rip) and I know this isn't an option in the description but I have to try my luck bc I love Cactus Sapph sm-

Could I offer some art for #2??
I was thinking maybe 2 or 3 fullbodies/portraits?
I have some examples here in my ;
Feel free to reject me, I just thought that I might as well try since I really love Cactus :v
kuku88 Featured By Owner May 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww that's super sweet of you! I really appreciate the interest and the offer, so I'll keep it in mind if things don't work out!

I'm really happy to hear that someone out there likes her design! ;w;
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