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Steven Universe: Gem Labs: Meet Your Benefactors by kuku88 Steven Universe: Gem Labs: Meet Your Benefactors by kuku88
More stuff for my Gem Labs! This time these guys are the Sapphire benefactors and their Pearls! The benefactors are noble Gems who "sponsor" the labs by providing Gems for work or specimen or future workers to the Labs, etc and advocating for it when the Diamonds or other Gems may question its success/usefulness. 
These guys are the "Big Three", but they're certainly not the only benefactors. They're just probably the main ones, and the most important ones besides the deputy of the Labs, Black Lace Onyx (currently unrevealed), and the mysterious leader, as well as being (of course) beneath the Diamonds.

Gem Labs is where scientific Gems work for the Diamonds with similar rules to medicine cats in Warriors (eg you don't have to show as much loyalty to the Diamonds and can interact more freely with other Gems from other courts and exchange info a bit more freely. Even wearing the diamond insignia isn't completely necessary - it's still technically required, but most Gems treat it like an option!). 

Characters From (Your) Left to (Your) Right!:

Dark Sapphire: Usually pretty serious about what she says, she hates being disrespected and will only show her eye when angry or otherwise strongly emotional as she usually keeps it hidden. She has a commanding presence and as she views herself as very important and strong (not necessarily physically, but definitely in terms of power), she expects and often even demands respect. She hates Eye Agate and does not get along well with Gray Sapphire. She provides the Gem Labs with a lot of Gems/specimen and enjoys watching the "disgustingly fascinating" experiments take place out of morbid curiosity and amusement. Dark Sapphire has her own squadron of Gems beneath her. She is usually all smiles, but as she can get upset pretty easily, it's not often because she's happy that she'll give you a grin. She highly enjoys executing her power and if you get on her bad side, you better watch out. 

Black Pearl: Her Black Pearl listens to her every demand. His weapon is black armour that can morph onto his body at will - he can turn himself to a large armour-clad Goliath, or just turn his arm into a cannon if he wanted. He is very quiet and serious and hardly ever emotes. He is almost always by Dark Sapphire's side, and no one can question his unwavering loyalty. Not a lot is known about him, but rumour has it that he was once an experiment in the Labs himself, which is why he is capable of controlling black, liquid-like armour that can cover his whole body to protect himself and also be used as a weapon in the form of swords and canons. Definitely much stronger than he appears.

Steven Universe: Character Sketch Concepts by kuku88  Dark Sapphire's Squadron of Gems by kuku88

Gray Sapphire: He is a noble of the same noble status as Dark Sapphire, but unlike her, he doesn't just "fund" the Labs - he actually participates in the research. He thoroughly enjoys studying, doing research, conducting experiments, and learning new things about other places. In fact, he does NOT get along with her, and feels more akin to my Eye Agate, a Gem that Dark Sapphire despises because of his light insubordination. Gray Sapphire is kind, perpetually tired, sarcastic, shy, and a bit of a mad scientist. He was once even more unaware of ethics and morals, and his past decisions cost him two friends: Hedenbergite and Lapis Lazuli, two Gems who he used to experiment on. Lapis hated how he was trying to create forced fusions, and when his actions caused Hedenbergite to be damaged, Lapis snapped. She now hunts him in the desire to shatter him.

Powder Almond Pearl: Powder Almond Pearl is also different from Dark Sapphire's Black Pearl in the sense that he actually cares a lot emotionally for his Sapphire to the point of a crush. Because of this, he is very protective and constantly supportive, emoting much more than most Pearls. Meanwhile, Black Pearl is usually emotionless and monotone, and while very VERY loyal to Dark Sapphire, he'd never display affection of any kind. There is some tension between the two Pearls because their owners do not like one another, but between them there is little reason for rivalry. Black Pearl doesn't think much of Powder Almond, but Powder Almond does view the other Pearl as a bit of a rival because he disagrees with his fellow Pearl's tactics and views anyone who's an "enemy of his Clarity as his own enemy". 

Gray Sapphire + Powder Almond Pearl: Doodle Sheet by kuku88  Scan 20170329 (5) by kuku88

Black Sapphire: Adopted from Griseldaaa as seen here!: Quiet and generally fairly soft-spoken (but not in the sense that she's shy or gentle), Black Sapphire is a noble but not like Gray or Dark Sapphire. She's more of a Vogue-like Gem, an icon on Homeworld, famed for her beauty. She generally follows the tides and sits on the sidelines, simply watching as Gray and Dark bicker back and forth. They sometimes demand she takes a side or act as if the Labs are divided between them and only them, but she never takes part. She observes and keeps to herself, despite often being mobbed by other Gems in admiration. While some may view this harassment as annoying, Black Sapphire has actually invented a game around it - she will tell Gems she dislikes false prophecies to drive them off, but no one besides her Pearl and occasionally her "friends" (Dark and Gray, really) would be able to tell she has this side to her.

Mystic Black Pearl: Adopted from undercoverghost as seen here!: (He has his own theme song by the Black Keys called "Sinister Kid"!!): While he may not take his job to the extreme levels of faithfulness as Black Pearl or the protectiveness of Powder Almond Pearl, Mystic does care for his Sapphire and acts basically as her bodyguard. Like his owner, he usually doesn't take part in the (admittedly very one-sided) rivalry between Powder Almond and Black Pearl, and he doesn't usually comment on the feud between Dark Sapphire and Gray Sapphire unless to his own Sapphire - and that's only when she quietly asks him about his opinion. He will often be the way she communicates with others, as she prefers to whisper to him and have him repeat her words out loud if she can. Mystic enjoys music and is a fairly good singer. While not a bad Gem, he carries a lot of the negative traits of most Homeworld Gems, which includes a streak of cruelness and an extra streak of apathy. He is solemn and just generally doesn't care if it does not involve his Sapphire and other noble Gems.

PRICE DROP! OPEN (3/10) - Sapphire Adopts by Griseldaaa  NYP Music Inspired Gems CLOSED by albinospooks-adopts

Well, that was a lot of typing, but I was really excited to share this part of the Gem Labs! I'm proud of the designs of Dark Sapphire, Gray Sapphire, Powder Almond Pearl, and Black Pearl - and I love the designs of Black Sapphire and Mystic Black Pearl, whom I adopted! I'm also pretty happy with their stories haha. ;P

I adopted Black Sapphire with the idea to link her to the Gem Labs, and when I spotted Mystic Black Pearl, I felt that he suited her perfectly!
I also knew from the beginning that Dark and Gray were going to be rivals when I created Gray (after already having Black for quite some time), but then I had to think about how to slide Black Sapphire into it all... And thus I made her a watcher more than a participant, after a joke with one of my friends that she was Aaron Burr, Gray was Alexander Hamilton, and Dark Sapphire was Thomas Jefferson (yes I am Hamilton trash lmao)! 

Anyway, hope you guys like the image and their bios! :heart:

Steven Universe (c) Rebecca Sugar & CN!
Designs of Black Sapphire & Mystic Black Pearl (c) Griseldaaa & undercoverghost respectively! Go ahead and check out their galleries too!
Art, Characters, & Gem Labs (c) ME! :dummy:
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Ohhh wow i love how much thought you've put into this character :00 I'm so glad to see him in good hands!
kuku88 Featured By Owner May 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahh thank you! I'm glad you like it! I had a lot of fun figuring out his story!
And also wow may I just say thank you for adding me to your watch list?? Your art and designs are so pretty asjakfl. ;w;
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Ahh np!! I loved your designs ~
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